Psikoanalisis: Jurnal Pendidikan Psikologi dan Konseling

Psikoanalisis ia a journal published by Department of Buddhist Counseling Education and Psychology, STABN Sriwijaya which focuses on mainly focuses on issues in the development of Education, Psychology, and Counseling both in general and in relation to Buddhism, espesially in the field of: (1) Psychology, (2) Counseling, and (3) Counseling Education. Psikoanalisis is published twice a year, every June and December, containing papers/articles about the ideas and the research written by experts, educator, scientist, practitioners, and reviewers in the guidance psychology and counseling discipline/study.

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Volume 1 Issue 1 2022

Di volumen ini terdapat lima artikel terbit dengan tujuh author yang berasal dari Indonesia, Jepang, Kamerun, Rusia, Prancis,  dan Arab Saudi

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